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For what feels like an eternity of chaos, today marks the day that I believe we are back to routine and normalcy.  It’s been a crazy ride since the start of Christmas vacation.  Blizzards and winter storms galore, we have reached just about 100″ in eastern Massachusetts from the end of January & February alone.  6 snow days, 5 sicks days and then two cancelled school days because of a roof collapse at my son’s elementary school.  This forced a total shut down of the school and a move of K-3 to the middle school and middle school children to the high school.  An incredible feat in such a short amount of time of 2-3 days!  With that said, both of my kiddos are back to school today and here I sit contemplating how the heck it already got to be noontime?!  The calm is a welcome change and I feel like now we are on the downward spiral into spring.  Is it too early to feel that way?  Did I jinx it?;-)

Just before Christmas I photographed this pretty mama and her beautiful little angel.  When she told me of their struggles to conceive, she really has proven to be their miracle baby.  She opted to do a lifestyle session when Mary was three weeks old.  These sessions really focus on the love and interaction between mother and child–and dad, too, if he chooses!  These are so special and set apart from studio-style because the baby is typically between 3-6 weeks old when they are more alert and their personalities are starting to shine through.  It always amazes me how their gaze follows me around the room and I get direct eye contact, even so young.  I am busy, BIZAY, with maternity and newborn shoots this month and next.  If you’d like to book your session or learn more about the types of sessions I offer, please contact me via email for details.


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Do you remember this beautiful mama’s maternity session?  I think it was the first time I got a client into the water–it was so worth it and such an amazing shoot!  I realize I had yet to post her follow up newborn session from October 2013 with baby Eva and big sister Mason.  After this I will be caught up on 2013 sessions and will continue sessions from last year.  I will get caught up, promise, so if you haven’t seen your session yet it’s definitely in the works!  

Mom opted to do a session when Eva was a little beyond the typical age for a newborn portrait session, when her personality was beginning to show and real interaction could be made between all.  Lifestyle sessions are definitely my favorite when it comes to newborn sessions for those reasons exactly.  What I really love is the love you can almost feel coming from big sis.  It’s so very special that Eva has such a doting big sister as her protector, friend and role model.  Pretty nice that she’s old enough to be a  little mommy’s helper, too;-)

  • February 23, 2015 - 1:41 pm

    Lisa K - Beautiful! You are such an inspiration.

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