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“My true passion in life is photography. My interest was sparked at a very young age, even before my teen years.  My mother’s Pentax 35mm camera was my eye to a new world of seeing things.  My very own Pentax K-1000 was gifted to me at my 15th birthday and I never stopped from there.  It followed me throughout college and after where I had the opportunity to work with a portrait photographer in New York who taught me how to develop my own film and prints.  I remember that moment distinctly, in the dark room with one red bulb barely illuminating the trays, watching my first print come to life that I literally felt my heart jump and I had to catch my breath….I knew this is what I wanted to do in my life.

I spent most of my working career in fields where photography was the focal point, but never was I the one behind
the camera.  I needed to be close to it but I wasn’t at the point where I felt I could really make this my living.  I worked in advertising producing photo shoots for print ads, I produced and studio managed for one of the top commercial photographers in the world and from there I went on to produce photo shoots for one of the biggest fashion retailers in the country.  It was so inspiring to be around such talented
photographers, stylists, make-up aritsts….I knew that I couldn’t suppress my dream any longer.  In 2005, though I loved my job, I left to pursue my heart’s passion.  It was bitter sweet but what was to come would bring me true happiness in life….”

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