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Numey Nums.

“Nummy Nums” aka M&M’s.  My son loves them.  He was introduced to them at a birthday party back in October and now he’s sort of obsessed with them.  I hate to admit it but sometimes I use them as bribery like today when I wanted to get some shots of him in this new shirt that he looks so cute in.  He really does not care to have his photo taken and sometimes  I even have to beg. Mommy says, “Grayson, let’s go outside and feed the ducks and I’ll take some pictures of you!”  Grayson replies, “I sorry Mommy…”, his polite was of saying “fogettaboutit. no way. no can do.”  🙂  With the help of my husband wrangling and getting his boots and vest on, we did finally get outside with the promise that he could have and hold the bag of M&M’s.  Now getting him to actually LOOK at the camera is whole other story!  I did get a couple of nice shots and just thought I would share.




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