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Keeping up.

I’m beginning to feel overwhelmed. Maybe I’ve been overwhelmed the entire time but it’s just catching up to me now. There is so much I want to do, the ideas are just overflowing. I keep lists because there is no way of remembering everything! Between the 3 photographer forums I’m a member of, my website, my blog, other wonderful blogs I read, Facebook, Flickr, Project 365, photo shoots and did I mention anything yet about my day to day personal life?…that’s a lot to keep up with. There needs to be more hours in the day–truly! I am even scheduled to take a knitting class this coming week. Should be interesting to see where I fit that in! ha! I have been very bad at keeping the blog up to date so I apologize if you are a regular visitor and have seen the same stuff for the past 4 days or so. In the midst of all of this “keeping up”, I was out and about yesterday looking for props and came across this beautiful throw at Homegoods. I plan on using it on an upcoming newborn shoot. Be sure to stay tuned to see it in action.

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